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Peggy Taylor is an innovative Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer and Wardrobe Consultant based in Los Angeles. Her portfolio ranges from fashion editorials to music videos, album covers, red carpet styling, and more. Her work has since been seen on online magazines, newsstands and red carpets. Peggy's creative vision runs the gamut from masculine to feminine and from vintage to modern. Her unique sense of style is as beautiful as it is versatile, combining street sophistication with vintage accents and always a modern twist to create her unique brand of elegance. 

Peggy’s dynamic personality and positive energy set her apart from the rest.  Always a joyful and active collaborator, Peggy prides herself in not only being unique and cutting edge, but also being able to simultaneously represent several demographics, and making all of her clients feel beautiful. She is able to produce excellent work on any sort of budget without sacrificing her distinct vision. Peggy Taylor not only fulfills her responsibilities as a stylist, she also inspires and lifts the morale of everyone around her to achieve their greatest creative capabilities.
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